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I have been a visual artist for the past eight years, synthesizing history, life experiences, and abstract thought into various forms of art, including oil painting, graphite drawing, and medical illustration. My style is a blend of realism, surrealism, and abstraction that often hyper-accentuates and morphs several concepts together. The majority of my work (not displayed below) is created and sold to private clients or donated to organizations / institutions; with one of my recent oil paintings was showcased at the The Springville Museum of Art in Utah - the state's oldest museum for visual fine arts. Others pieces have landed in the homes of academic chairmans, law firms, and healthcare systems. Though, I always leave time for self-creation, wherever the canvas takes me! 

My favorite artworks, in particular, have reflected global experiences, such as spending time with the Maasai Tribe in northern Tanzania, walking from Auschwitz to Birkenau in Poland, and hearing cross-cultural stories of economic hardship, mental health issues, and personal triumph. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, but more so is a person's face. Hence, I prefer creating portraits and in such as way that tells a story, triggers deep memories, sparks emotion, and signifies what it means to be fully human and more. Afterall, "when it comes to art, it is important not to hide the madness"! For inquires, please contact me directly.

Anya Ragnhildstveit
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